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100% Funded & Referral Program Announced

7 days in, we’re 100% funded on Kickstarter. Hurray! We could not have done this without each and every backer. Thank you! BS1 is the first product we crowdfunded. So you can imagine what this success means to us, particularly in the time of this coronavirus epidemic. 2019 hasn’t been an easy year for us in Hong Kong and 2020 is having a rough start. But our backer's support is the silver lining. Our gratitude is beyond words.

But we’re far from done. HK$50,000 is a very small number, the minimum for us to bring this beautiful, genius electric screwdriver to life. We hope you all can keep supporting us by telling everyone around you who you believe would be interested in our product, and share on your social media our Referral Program. You can earn real money from this too, 10% of every dollar you help raise.

We immensely appreciate your support!

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