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BS1 Electric Screwdriver Is Not for Professional Use

There, we said it.

Then who's it for?

When we designed BS1, safety was our first priority. We wanted to create something for regular people, for men and women who probably work an office job but every now and then have to deal with a loose hinge, a broke chair or something alike, for children who are curious about and love to explore their toys and bikes, for people who don't have the training and experience to wield a powerful but dangerous tool. That’s why we give BS1 the strong enough torque, the adjustable speeds, the Child Mode and the overdrive protection feature.

Down the priority list after safety is portability. That’s why it’s the smallest and most compact among screwdrivers with similar power output (in other words, the strongest of its size). It’s only 6.9*1.2in in size, yet inside such a small body there are already 9 carefully selected bits. When you go cycling/camping, throw it in the corner of your backpack and you won’t even feel it. But when you need it, it comes really handy.

The built-in ternary Li-ion battery, the kind of battery that's commonly used in electric cars nowadays, powers the device for over an hour on a single charge. After 500 full charging cycles, it still retains 70% of its capacity. Suppose we only use BS1 for 500 charges, that’s 500 hours, 30,000 seconds, of use. On average, it takes 5s to drive/remove a screw. So over the life of a BS1, it drives/removes 6,000 screws. For professionals such as a carpenter, that's not a lot. However, for most regular people, we don’t even drive/remove that many screws in our whole life time.

Big brands such as DeWalt, BOSCH and Black & Decker make very good screwdrivers/drills, for which we have great respect. But BS1 does not compete against them, because it’s designed for ordinary people to do household repairs, for children to explore their world, to bring a tiny bit convenience and fun to their life.

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