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iFu BS1 Multi-Purpose Electric Screwdriver/Handheld Blender

--by Dolvis Long

I've always liked making and breaking things. I remember back in primary school after learning about magnet and electromagnetic induction principle in a science class, I went home and cracked open my father’s beloved tape recorder just to see how loudspeakers work. Being found out, I was very afraid that dad would be mad. To my surprise, he didn’t, but instead encouraged me to put the machine back together and make it work again.
Now a father myself, I encourage my children to make, break and fix things, and I spare as much time as possible to do this with them. This is just the way we bond and how they learn. However, I found in the market electric screwdrivers big, for professional, heavy duty uses, and small, for electronics, but nothing in between. That’s when the idea of iFu BS1 conceptualized. With my kids in mind, I made sure it is safe for children as well. The device features 3 adjustable speeds and is able to lock into the selected speed. So I can lock it into the lowest speed and leave it to my kids so the can explore.
The product currently is in tooling and sampling phase. It's coming to Kickstarter for crowdfunding soon and will be available for pre-ordering here too. We expect to ship in late Feb. or Mar. 2020. 
Stay tuned!

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