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New Release: iFu BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender!

After a long time of preparation and overcoming an array of obstacles, we're finally releasing iFu BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender! You can now pre-order it here, or back it on Kickstarter. The same steep discounts, up to 46% with limited availability, are offered at both channels. Shipping starts in March!

This is our 4th model of screwdriver series and the 1st screwdriver for big objects around the house, such as home appliances, doors and windows, furniture, even bikes. BS1, in certain ways, is like your average manual screwdriver. Specifically, it's cylinder-shaped, marker-sized just like all manual screwdrivers. But that's all. The difference is way bigger.

First and foremost, it's electric, very powerfully so (torque up to 1Nm). So you can say goodbye to your manual screwdriver, all the soreness and tiredness after working it for a little while.

In addition, BS1 is very compact. Not only did we fit a big Li-ion battery, a powerful motor and all the gears in its tiny body, but also incorporated 8 most commonly used bits in the cap. Together with the one already on the tip of the screwdriver, BS1 comes with 9 most frequently used bits, enough to handle over 80% of your screw driving needs around the house. So say goodbye to your separate, extra bit box/pouch. But of course, if you do need more bits, a BitTube of 20 extra bits can be added, which is the BS1 Pro version.

Ever since the beginning of this project, our designers and product managers have been thinking: What else can we do to make the most out of this beautiful product? A whole lot of ideas were thrown against the wall. A few sticked, and one is to be realized. We're making an attachment to turn BS1 into a handheld blender! Say what? Never thought a dirty, ugly tool could have anything to do with kitchenware. Well now it does. Go check it out yourself, and you'll see how it all makes sense.

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