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Vesany Hidden Camera Detector creates a safe & secure space for you wherever you go.

Rated 4.9/5.0 by 1000+ Kickstarter backers

  • Expose Spy Cameras in 2 Simple Steps

  • Alerts House/Hotel Room Break-in

  • Safeguard Your Luggage on the Go

"Found one hidden camera in just 3 minutes on my first try! Absolutely in love with it. I've recommended Vesany to everyone in my life."

Jenny Planks

i'm watched?!

As electronics get smaller, more sophisticated and cheaper, pinhole cameras are no longer exclusive to James Bond kind of secret agents or the law enforcement, but easily accessible to everyone, including those who have an agenda against you. Your privacy, therefore, is more at risk than ever.

How does vesany help?

5 detecting modes, 3 simple steps to pinpoint and get rid of hidden spy cameras and regain peace of mind. Easy and fast!

  • Mode 1: Wifi Detection

  • Mode 2: Full-Band Detection

  • Mode 3: Narrow-Band Filter Search

  • Mode 4: Naked-Eye Search

  • Mode 5: Motion Detection

hidden Camera Finder, RF Signal Detector, GPS Bug Detector

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

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Anti Spy Detector, RF Detector & Camera Finder, Bug Detector
Hidden Camera Detector, Anti Spy RF Signal finder, Wireless Bug GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker Detector, Wireless Bug finder, Counter Surveillance Device
Hidden Camera Finder, GPS Tracker Detector, Wireless Bug finder
Anti Spy RF Detector, Wireless Bug Detector, Hidden Camera Finder


100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


Where are spy cameras usually hidden?

They’re usually hidden in or disguised as routers, modems, smoke detectors, TV sets, power outlets, air vents, showers etc. These locations and objects are where special attention should be paid.

Does this Vesany Hidden Camera Detector really work?

Yes, Vesany is very sensitive. The best spy camera there is nowadays could standby, ready to work, for 6 months. In this standby mode, it communicates with control via very faint heart-beat data. Coming in close enough, even this can be detected.

But if the spy camera is off, which means no RF signal at all, it can't be detected. However, if you suspect a sleeping off spy camera is somewhere around, use Mode 3 or 4 to scan carefully. The reflection from the cam lens will expose itself.

Certain spy cams and GPS bugs/trackers claim to be anti-detection. Is that true? Can Vesany detect those?

Yes. As long as they emit wireless signal, Vesany can and will find them out.

How do I know if my car is GPS bugged/tracked?

Drive your car into an underground garage, a tunnel or somewhere else with bad GPS signal connection. Then turn your own GPS off completely and turn on Vesany to see if there's any RF signal. In such locations, GPS bugs/trackers will amplify its output to get/stay connected. Hence it is easier to be detected.

How loud is Vesany's alarm/buzzer?


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more features

Anti GPS Bugs & Trackers

Vesany's wide detection range, 100MHz-6GHz, covers the frequencies of pinhole cameras, mini cameras, 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network and GPS locators, etc.

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Anti Break-in Alarm

Enjoy a whole night of safe and sound sleep wherever you travel. Simply turn on the Motion Detection Mode, hang it off your door knob and its sensitive motion sensor will pick up the slightest movement and then sets off the alarm.

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Anti Theft Alarm

No more losing luggage. Hang Vesany off your trunk and you'll be alerted when somebody moves it, even the slightest bit.

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Compact & Lasting

With Vesany, you can travel safe, secure and in style. We understand your lifestyle and made it compact and portable with a long battery life, and last but not the least, stylish.

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


What is the actual detecting range of Vesany?

100MHz to 6GHz, which covers the 2.4GHz pinhole camera frequency, all WIFI frequencies, 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network, Bluetooth and GPS bug/tracker signals, basically all frequencies hidden spy cameras could possibly use.

What is the capacity of the battery?

Vesany Hidden Camera Detector has a 250mAh battery built in. A full charge on a 5.0V/2.0A charger (cell phone chargers) takes an hour, and it can work up to 2 hours non-stop on a single charge.

Why don't you accept my currency?

We currently accept only USD. Your order will be processed in USD at the most current exchange rate. But we're working to implement new payment systems that will allow us to accept not only different currencies, but also dozens of different regional payment systems.

What about shipping and delivery?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1-2 business days (Mon.-Fri.), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, you'll be informed of your tracking no. Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, Fedex, DHL). But you’re more than welcome to reach out to us for any delivery issues.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

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